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Consulting Services Before and After Development Permit

Marketing Consulting Services Before and After Launch

Sales Consulting for On-Site Team and Local Brokers

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Successful Strategies Based on 30+ Years of Experience That Can Increase Project Profits and Shorten Marketing Timelines

Since 1981, Cliff Bowman has developed and implemented successful real estate marketing programs across North America for both residential and commercial developments. In 2012, he expanded his services globally as marketing counsel for eco-developments and city economic development marketing programs.

Today, developers and lenders can tap into Cliff’s experience by retaining him to become a member of their company’s "Sales & Marketing Brain Trust" through one or all of four development phases presented on this page as triangles:

Full Range of Services

Cliff has personally created and managed all the components of a successful real estate sales and marketing program from concept to closings in many geographic areas across North America.

Because of his extensive knowledge, clients retain him on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to: