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Cliff Bowman: The Brains Behind the Brain Trust

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Cliff Bowman: The Brains Behind the Brain Trust

There are few people who can claim a real estate marketing track record like Cliff Bowman’s. Cliff has spent his entire career in real estate marketing, beginning with his role in 1974 where he rose to National Director of Marketing for A.E. LePage Limited, Canada’s largest real estate broker at the time with 8,000 personnel.

Cliff Bowman & Associates Ltd.

He was hired away from Lepage in 1979 to a large Northwestern Canadian/US developer to be their Sales and Marketing Director. Then in 1981, he founded his own real estate marketing consulting firm, Cliff Bowman & Associates (CBA). The firm provides marketing consulting services as well as fulfilling the role as Project Marketing Director for both commercial and residential developments located in several major U.S. and Canadian cities as well as some offshore assignments.

Builders International Real Estate Marketing Corp.

By 1995, a greater portion of Bowman’s business shifted from pre-leasing commercial developments to pre-selling condo developments in urban settings across North America. To serve this market, Bowman established Builders International Real Estate Marketing Corp. A boutique sales and marketing company specializing in pre-selling urban and suburban condo developments.

Starting in 2000, in five out of nine years, Bowman’s projects have received the highest condo marketing awards in the United States from the National Sales & Marketing Council of the National Association of Home Builders. The prestigious “Attached Community of the Year” award is among over 100 national and regional marketing awards that the company has received from this national U.S. organization since forming Builders International Real Estate Marketing Corp.

In 2005, Bowman added the pre-selling of resort and vacation developments to its line of services. It continued to expand its expertise in this area by marketing whole ownership and fractional ownership projects in North America and Latin America.

Bowman International Real Estate Marketing Inc. (BireM)

In 2011, on the 30th anniversary of the formation of Cliff Bowman & Associates Ltd. (CBA), Cliff consolidated Builders International Real Estate Marketing Corp into CBA and wound this entity down as all Past Projects had been completed.

To move forward with his new ventures, Cliff incorporated Bowman International Real Estate Marketing Inc. This new firm capitalizes on Bowman's extensive career in successfully marketing almost every form of real estate to provide a "one stop real estate marketing solution".

The primary focus of the new company is to work as a Marketing Consultant in the creation and marketing of new multi-block developments on former Brownfield sites and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) infill sites both in North America and globally. These assignments include Public Private Partnerships (3Ps) working with various municipalities to maximize the use and value of underutilized lands within their boundaries.

Cliff is a self-proclaimed "lifestyleologist", because he is always selling homes that respond to the future lifestyle and financial needs of North America's 66 Buyer Profiles. Constantly travelling the world looking for new real estate trends and developments, he is recognized as a leader in developing new sales strategies and marketing tools.

Another integral part of this new company is to provide an "Outreach Sales Referral Network" for all sales teams of resort/recreational projects to extend their sales reach to prospects located beyond a 100 mile radius of a project location. This includes offshore buyers.