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About Us

Brain Trust

A location's "Spirit of Place" is an ever-changing tapestry that is being woven and rewoven as the nature of a city or town evolves. Change is inevitable as each valuable location within its urban or resort context seeks its best use.

Each year, the quality of development is enhanced as developers and owners strive for greater excellence in architectural design, environmental comfort, user utility and community integration.

Therefore, each development has its own special needs and timetable for success based on a matrix of financial location and lifestyle variables of its users.

It is because of this that Bowman customizes the marketing and sales/leasing solution for each client's development by drawing from his Specialized Wisdom and Talent (S.W.A.T) team of specialists located across North America and offshore.

Often a S.W.A.T. team will include a local real estate brokerage firm to complement the team's local knowledge and expand the range of services to ensure a development's success.