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Cliff Bowman - Bowman International Real Estate Marketing

Your First Stop for a Successful Sell and Lease Out

It is almost always the first phase of a development that is critical to its eventual success. With Cliff on your side, you’ll benefit from a vast amount of experience in every type of development to assist in pre-marketing your project.

Bowman International Real Estate Marketing specializes in pre-marketing major multi-block mixed-use developments that are years away from occupancy.

Just the same way a movie director brings a script to life, as project marketing director Bowman brings a master plan and its blueprints to life.

In both their "directorship roles", Bowman and a movie director hire and manage hundreds of creative sub trade suppliers, technicians and actors spanning thousands of hours of work to make a vision become a reality. (Actors in our case are sales or leasing people). Also, they both develop and orchestrate international marketing programs utilizing multiple electronic, social media and print channels.

However, the two main differences are that Bowman writes the script (marketing plan) as well as designs and orchestrates building the multiplex theatre (sales center) to showcase the development and its many phases of residential, office, retail and hotels.

Why take chances? Rely on the marketing brainpower of Bowman International Real Estate Marketing to set you on the right track to an early and successful sell-out and lease out.

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